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We submit your words & milestones to the blockchain to last forever.

Submission Service

Customer Satisfaction

This is a cool idea, I keep my vows somewhere to remind myself of them all the time. And I realize that it is more than that. I'm a businessman, and I'm planning to put some public information of contract on the blockchain as an impartial third party.

Derek H.

It's so easy. Thanks for the help!

Dave S.

This blockchain submission service is a game-changer.

Ethan M.

I've been in crypto for years now and didn't know you can have information on the blockchain. Nice job!

Maria S.

Total different way to save your memories. So powerful!!!


How it Works

1. Tell Us Your Words

Share Your Words via Our Submit Link, Add to Cart and Proceed to Pay.

2. Verify & Approve

Check your email, click on the links and confirm your submission.

3. Blockchain Submission

Shortly after your confirmation, we will submit to blockchain, provide proof and send you a confirmation email.